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Kristi Swift

Kristi Swift

Indianapolis, IN


About Kristi

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
“How do you explain one subject captured in vitally distinctive ways by many different photographers?
The mechanics of vision assumes that if the anatomy of the eye is the same, or can be corrected to the same degree, we all see the same thing. Yet, each individual photographer brings a unique perspective to the act of seeing an object, a scene, an activity, or a living being.”

Ever since Kristi was a child, she was fascinated by stories told by photographs. Her parents had a shoebox full of old snapshots, many from years before Kristi was born. Kristi would ask, “Daddy, let’s look at the shoebox…”, and he’d grin, knowing he would again, receive the full inquisition. Kristi was fascinated by the faces of her ancestors, their fashions, their cars, and the visible proof of affection on many of those faces. Of course, there were blank stares, from those not enamored of having their “picture made”.
“Making” a picture is vastly different than “taking” one…it implies consideration on light, shadows, timing, posing, and expressions… It takes dedication to learning the art of photography to find the angel in the marble…

Kristi has been awarded a JUDGES AWARD 2013, and the BEST CHILDRENS PHOTOGRAPH of 2012, from the Professional Photographers of Indiana. She is also winner of the TOP TEN PHOTOGRAPHER Award for 2013, and 2012, PPOFI. Kristi enters photographic competitions to stretch her skills and learn from the critiques surrounding the images presented. Kristi was honored to have a print hanging at the 2013 annual Professional Photographers of America, IMAGING USA exhibit.



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